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Welcome to Circle Art Designs.

We're so glad you stopped by. We are a mother/ daughter duo who love creating beautiful art through many different mediums. We started this company to make a little extra money for college, but we soon realized that we love creating art of all kinds and sharing what we have created with you. It wasn’t long till the granddaughter also joined us with her unique perspective and original ideas. Many evenings and weekends our home is filled with the family designing, cutting, sewing, creating beautiful Art to share. It has truly become a family endeavor and we love it.

Miranda has had a pencil in her hand as long as I can remember, learning to draw from her brother and in turn passing this talent along to her niece. We began by selling original art work in the form of buttons, bookmarks, and post cards at conventions. Some of those 2’’ buttons cans be found in our store. Then from there the drawing became designing for the beautiful, detailed, soft fleece applique art you can find in our product line. After that, our imagination and love of all things creative took off. We have added over the past few years handcrafted pillows, plushies, messenger bags, original clay and glass pendants, and much more.

For our Fabric Art, we work mostly with fleece because of the beautiful 3D effect you get when appliqueing. But we also use fleece because it is soft to the touch and inviting to the eye with its vivid colors. Each creation is just a little different from the one before because each is handcrafted start to finish. Colors and linings vary depending of the availability of materials at time of production. Pillows soft and bright, bags light weight yet stunning, dragon plushies fierce and bold in color, our adorable Shorties, Chibi plushies that are amazingly cute, are just some of the fabric art we have added this year to our store.

Although we have some pieces we keep on hand, most of our Fabric Art is made to order, so from the time of order to the mailing date usually runs about 5 to 10 businesses days once it gets from the queue to the design table. Most orders can be in 10 Business days or less. Speaking of original designs, we love to take your artwork and turn it into fabric art for you. Just send us a message and we will get back to you on making your Art into Fabric Art.

Also this year, we are adding to our jewelry line. Besides our clay and glass pendants, we have added stone and crystal pendants to our collection. We have an assortment of necklaces varying from a single unique pendant on an unadorned cord, to a centerpiece framed by beautiful beads. Though we sometimes have similar designs in the jewelry pieces no two are alike due to the uniqueness of each piece. The ones posted are ready to ship and are normally shipped in 2 to 3 businesses days.

Thank you for stopping by our site, check by often.
Kathryn and Miranda
Circle Art Designs

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