Well today was a day for cleaning after the 4th and I decided to go and pick up a tray for some organizing. But when I got to the store I found myself in the kitchen department.  Now I have used different things from the kitchen department for creating before, but I was going today to find a tray to help clean up the clutter on my kitchen cabinet.   As I was walking down the center row, on an end cap there was a display of wooden turn tables, or Lazy Susan’s as they were called when I was young. You know those end caps will get you every time. And my mind got to thinking. Wouldn’t it be great if I placed this on the corner and put all the things we use every day on it? You know the things that scatter themselves across the kitchen as you work. Salt, pepper, small jars of a little something to snack on, tea pot, maybe a cup and saucer. Any number of things. So I picked up the Lazy Susan and off I went, tray completely forgotten.   Now you may be thinks, well of course. But for me it was a real eye opener. I am a stacker and a stuffer by years of habit. And I thought this was just one of the coolest idea I had ever had.   I went home and went straight to the kitchen to execute my plan. As I stepped back and looked at my handy work, I got to thinking of my craft table, with all the little things I have scattered throughout the space, taking up much more room that they should. And you guessed it, a picture began to form in my mind. Now I have a ceramic turn table I use for working on pieces, but I have never thought of using a Lazy Susan in this space. Instead of having all my paints, stains, watercolors stacked in boxes that must be taken down and gone through every time I want a particular color, I could have one of these with colors displayed on it. At a glance I could tell what I have, what I want and what I need more of.    The more I thought about it the more I liked the idea. Hey, maybe I can use one for all the little things I need when I’m sewing. Or maybe a couple on the shelves to make reaching the things in the back a lot easier. I might even use one for my glass and stone pieces, to make choosing new pieces to work with a lot easier. I have been known to put them in a bowl, intending to come back to them only to have them covered up by another project.   Now don’t get me wrong, once a stuffer and a hider, probably always a stuffer and a hider. But hey, I have gone to pretty boxes to place things in and even mark the boxes, so I don’t have to search through them all to find something. But I am thinking a trip back to the store is in my future and a day of reorganizing with Lazy Susan’s in my future. Hey, I wonder how it would work in the spice cabinet? How about you? Is there a Lazy Susan in your future?   Kathryn