I got to see the “My Little Pony Movie” today for the first time. Now you say but hey aren’t you an old lady. Well yes, I am, and I love My Little Pony. I have for years. Through all my children and my oldest grandchild.  And I find that even now with no “children” in the house to go with, I still love going to see “My Little Pony the Movie” 

I have gone to the Summer Movie shows for 30 years. And just because the kids grow up and moved away and now the oldest granddaughter is grown and moved on, I thought I might be just too old to go see the cartoon summer movies.  And you know, the man who takes my ticket looks at me and smile and says, ‘are you sure you want to go see the summer movie? It's for kids.’ And I smile right back and say, ‘yes I do. I haven't seen this or that yet.’ Or ‘Oh yes this is one of my go to movies when I'm sewing or creating. I love getting the chance to see it on the big screen.’ 

 And you know I do

I have discovered being young at heart doesn't have anything to do with how old you are. It has to do with the way you choose to see the world; with not losing the joy of discovery, of childhood play, of creating, and enjoying the gift of being with others. It has to to with seeing the color of the sky and realizing there are more shades of blues and grays in that sky than you can ever imagine. It is holding on to what is best within yourself and not letting that grow old or dry up but allowing it to deepen with time. That part of me that can sit down and see the joy and pleasure in childhood things I want to carry with me even as I continue to journey forward in life, not looking back but ever onward. 

  But back to the movie

“My Little Pony the Movie” is so full of life and color and learning to trust, it has filled my mind with all sorts of things I want to get down on paper before they move on. I see explosions of color, of shapes, and blending of fabrics and textures.  I see joy.

 When I first started sewing for Circle Art Designs it was with My Little Pony in mind. And the first time and everytime I set up our booth at a convention I see joy in all the wonderful colors I am surrounded by. I have some wonderful things in my shop that I love, and others have loved just as much. But now I am thinking, how can I stay true to this line and add new design into what I have. I can’t wait to see what God inspires me with.  Today is a very good day. May your day be as joyous.