So today as I was looking at my Kindle I began to see a pattern in the books I like to read for pleasure.  And there were no surprises there. Sherlock Holmes is my go to guy.  I love the original stories, the fanfiction, the movies, and the TV series. I love them all. I love the old black and white staring Basil Rathbone as Sherlock and Nigel Bruce as Watson. I love the old TV series with Ronald Howard, Howard Marion Crawford and Archie Duncan.  They are great for a 30 min. show of the 1950’s. I love the Sherlock Holmes movies of Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law and hope there will be another in the works. I waited impatiently for the BBC’s Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. And Elementary with Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu is still one of my favorite shows. Each actor has brought something wonderful to the character, fleshing him out in unique and unexpected ways.  

 So, my book collection of Holmes is just a varied as my love of all things talkies. But my favorite actor as Sherlock Holmes is Jeremy Brett in the BBC series; Sherlock Holmes.  Whether I am reading the original stories from Arthur Conan Doyle, or fanfiction from authors like Stephanie Osborn, J.R. Rain, Lyn McConchie, Craig Janacke, and Craig Stephen Copland to name just a few, it is always the character of Jeremy Brett’s Sherlock Holmes and Edward Hardwicke as Dr. Watson that walks through the pages of the book I’m reading.

 If it’s been a while since you strolled down the dark alleys of London with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson, I invite you to take a turn with a good book or an old TV show or movie and rediscover or find for the first time your love of all things Sherlock. And when you do think about our tribute to Sherlock with our 221B cross body messenger bag. Oh, did you ask what 221B means? You haven’t had enough Sherlock in your life. Anyway, this bag makes a great bag to carry your books in and shows your love of Sherlock to the world, no matter who your favorite Sherlock is. Good reading or watching.