Where do you find inspiration? I have been thinking about how the creativeness, the inspiration for new designs, color combinations, using new textures, and techniques come about in my designs.  And my mind settles on the designs that came out of my last trip to the sea. That was a great trip. I can still see in my minds eye the days spent on the beach picking up tiny little shells, and the color of the water with the sparkle of light twinkling its reflection upon the waves as they washed over my feet. And did I mention the changing of the color of the sea and sky as the day progressed, from soft warm blues, and golden sun to the gray blue of the ocean and the brooding of the clouds as a early morning storm rolled through.  All of it was just to wonderful for words.  As I thought about this experience I wanted a way to capture it in a simple Boho style pendant.  I needed a foundation that would carry out the movement and colors of the waves with just the sparkle of the sunlight reflected. So I started with clay and the mixing of color through out it cutting it into the oval shape I love so much. But mixing color into the white that reminded me of sand wasn’t enough. So out came the paints to add the swirl to  it that I reminded me of the water rushing around my feet as the wave receded back into the sea.    

 But it needed something more. Something that said without a doubt, this is the sea, the ocean at its best. And then I remembered all those hours of walking the beach picking up tiny sea shells. I love the number 3, the number that stands for Something Other, Someone other, that is bigger than me, that  

can control the waves, and set the boundaries of the oceans, and so I added 3 shells to each foundation.    I sealed it and sit it to one side, thinking there it is, finished.

 But when I came back to my work station the next day, there sat the little pendant wanting, wanting something more, calling, you missed something. And as the morning light fell across the window pane I know what I had missed, for there was no light reflecting  back to me.  So I added the finishing touch that reflects the twinkle of light back to the eye and that which started as the inspiration of a walk on the beach  was complete in a beautiful new pendant.

So, how do you find inspiration to create? Maybe your not a crafter, or an artist, but if we are living we are creating.

Look for inspiration in the moments of your life. And as you find them you will find new and inspiring ways to share these moments with others.

Look for our new Boho Beach line to come to the website next week. OK this weekend if I get a move on.