Well, for the last two months we have been packing up and moving not only my home but the business Circle Art Designs.  At this point most of my product is in boxes still. The crazy thing is that I think many of my boxes for the business came into the house and many of the  things for the house went to the business area.  But God is good and we are finally in the new house.  I just love the new home.  It is so peacful and quiet here. I told my husband and daughter that it was kind of like living in your own retreat house.  This home has two bay windows looking out onto the back yard. And from these windows all you can see is trees and flowering bushes.

Just beautiful.  

Well, next week, I start unloading the business boxes and I am looking forward to getting to work on a new line for our shop.  I just love the new free arm quilting I was working with before we found out we were moving.

I can not wait to get back to that.  

I look forward to the Hoilday season coming up. Will bet things out on the site by the first of November so keep an eye out .

Have I said I love the place this move has placed us in.  

It is great to be up  and keying again. I have missed my blog and my site.